Forklift Truck (FLT) Licence Training

Welcome to, here you can find information on how to gain your Forklift truck licence or counterbalance licence. We are also working hard to provide a very modern simple to use jobs board which will display all the latest FLT Jobs.

“A Forklift truck licence is a fantastic asset to have on your CV and In some cases you may also be rewarded with a pay rise due to your extra capabilities.”

If you’ve ever wanted to become a FLT driver but have put it off, now is the time to get trained up! With the way the economy is, more and more people are going for jobs that become available just to get some money coming in, even if its not something they would normally do. You can get ahead of your competition by having this extra asset on your CV, which in some could be the difference between you getting the job or not. After All if you apply to a factory, where FLT’s are used, having your licence is invaluable in more ways than one! Mainly because the company will not have to foot the bill to have you trained up.

How to obtain your FLT Licence?

If your serious about getting your licence, click here to read our Forklift truck training page, which will outline what you need to do next, and what if any funding is available for you.

The benefits of holding a forklift truck licence are:

  • Entitled to more pay 😀
  • Gets you noticed over other possible candidate’s
  • More job possibilities
  • Exciting new career

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