Theory Test

As part of a forklift truck course, the trainee must complete both a theory and practical test to ensure they are competent to operate a forklift.

“The aim of the forklift theory & practical test is to teach the trainee how to operate te forklift safely and efficiently.”

The theory part of the training includes:

  • Health and Safety
  • Operating in confined spaces.
  • Operators safety code of conduct
  • Stability.
  • Hydraulics
  • Pre driving checks and Inspections.
  • Stacking (Safe heights)
  • Battery charging and maintenance.
  • Loading & unloading vehicles such as lorries.

All Employers must ensure all their forklift truck drivers are properly trained and have an up to date licence, even if the drivers only use the forklift for very short periods of time on the odd occasion, so if your employer has ever asked you to do forklift work, and you have not had the correct training, decline to do the work! Because if you have an accident and get injured, cause damage to property or injure someone else their insurance may not pay which could lead to all kinds of problems.